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What Trends Would You Like To See End In 2021?

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Virtue signaling

Your turn!


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Eleanor D
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An end to all attacks on personal freedom, and the freedom of humans in general. This is a positive expression of Aquarian energy which I would really, really, like to see. I would also like to see an awakening within the collective - also Uranian/Aquarian - to the situation we are all in now and and some fire in the bellies of each one of us to give us the strength to recreate the world for the benefit of the many instead of the few. And HOPE. After all we've been through, I pray for our Mother to give us all comfort and hope in our time of need. Christmas is a good time to ask Her for that.

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I would like to see an end to the staggering selfishness that seems absolutely everywhere. You'd think a worldwide pandemic would unite us, spread empathy, but it just seems to have compounded the awful sense of entitlement.

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I second you both: virtue signaling and extreme selfishness.

How about victimization culture, obvious breaches of liberties and laws, and fucking proxy wars.

Not that war is "trendy" but politicians make it appear that way.

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Increasing polarization.

Oh yes, and can we please dispense with "Unpacking", "going on a journey", or "going viral"? Those are so......2015. 

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Fake news

Organized manipulation of global divisive politics 

Extreme consumerism and single-use plastics

Religious supremacy and resultant hatred of 'the other'

Backlash against minorities for standing up against institutionalized societal discrimination.

Further investments in fossil fuels extraction

Any money earned by 'shorting', that is betting on something to fail. 

Investments in mining human attention via apps, screens, digitization.


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