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What is a "revolution" circa 2021?

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I had an astrologer email me and ask if we were going to have a revolution in consideration of all the planets in Aquarius, Mars Uranus and such. I told her this was not my area of interest (7-9th house, please)... or expertise. 

This is a fact - I still have never, in 40 years of astrology, took more than a one second glance at the chart of the USA. 

I also told her I thought it was unpredictable because, fuck a duck, it is unpredictable. This was my honest reply. I mean, I guess it's not satisfying because I got a nasty-gram back. But what if you don't know?

I REALLY don't know at this point because for starters, wtf is a "revolution" in 2021?

Is it when we all cut up our credit cards, like folks burned their bras, back in the day?  Chuck our cell phones into oceans, lakes and streams?
Does it mean we fight a revolutionary war?

If yes, please tell me what side I'm on and who I'm supposed to aim to kill.  I'm a bit confused around this. 

Are we already having a revolution? I'm sure many people would say we are.

I told this gal, I had Libra and I can't decide. That was also true.

I just wonder if someone can answer this question better than I can.  This woman succeeded in making me feel like a dick, even though I know I'm not a dick. I just wonder what others think.

Are we going to have a revolution?
Auxiliary question, what is a revolution?

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It doesn't feel like it, at least en masse. I suppose there are "pockets" of revolution here and there, but everything feels so...scattered, I guess. We're not all operating by the same playbook.

As to what defines it, I'd say a total upending of the social order based on the people's wishes. Status quo change, overthrow. I don't see that happening except maybe in the far future. But...who knows!

The good news is that I don't think people will continue to unquestioningly accept everything that's done to them. Many people have lines not to cross and thus comes RESISTANCE.

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I do think there’s a disconnect between people who say they want a revolution, and the people who are actually acting in revolutionary ways

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Tim Pool would tell you that, yes, we are currently in revolution.  As a foreign journalist, he was in Egypt during their civil war and talked about violent riots, while 3 miles away people would be peacefully watching a soccer match.  His point was that revolution is not an absolute occurring in every sector at all times, especially in a country the size of the USA.  Apparently, there are populist uprisings occurring in Europe.  People are tired of being told what they can and cannot do.  Is this being honestly and broadly reported?

I've also been reading about parallel societies being built.  For Christians, one philosophy is the Benedict Option, built on 5 pillars.  I can think of 3 right now - a church that is not only Bible literate, but also worldview literate, Christian education, and Christian-owned business.  The worldview literate Christian already knows the Marxists are coming for them.  The secular version of this is Frontier Innovators & can be as simple as supporting business that share your values...dumping any business that censors / cancels / favors despotic regimes like China & Iran, but pounds away at America as the worst of the worst.  I look for both of these to flourish worldwide.  If a moral & honest subculture can thrive within corrupt dominant structures, at some point the rot within these dominant structures will be revealed, like a pus-infested wound splitting open.

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I don't know either but I think it will be self directed if it happens. I don't think violence will help. The best thing to do, imo, is turn off the media and stop feeding it as much as possible, and start building communities again - real ones. Strong social networks based in truth and in real life will work wonders but it will take time, so kinda Capricorn-ish. 

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I think it’s mainly happening in consciousness, which is why it’s hard to pin down. The closest I can get to articulating where the line is drawn is collectivism vs individualism (or maybe more localized collectivism as opposed to mass collectivism, ie globalism). I think it also has something to do with the decision being made between safety and freedom, one sacrificing the other. It’s not a new conflict but it’s reached a zenith. 

I think somehow there was an attempt to draw that line politically, but the government can’t really bear the weight of the individualist mindset at all.

Those that are getting tribal are completely missing the point too imo. They are just fighting for placement within the current paradigm, but a real revolution completely creates a different paradigm altogether. I mean, red and blue aren’t that different imo and both serve the current paradigm, so in essence are on the same “team”. 

That new paradigm only exists right now as a spark of inspiration within the collective consciousness and we don’t really have any well known history that can provide a framework (its out there it’s just not well known) for this new thing emerging. 

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