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What happens when you die?

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I wonder what you think happens after you die.  There used to be somewhat of a consensus on this issue, at least in the United States. I don't think this is the case anymore but I could be wrong about that.

What do you think happens to a person when they die?

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I’ve dabbled in quite a number of religions since childhood; it wasn’t my choice, my father was fixated in finding ways to “the other side.”

In one of my last Bible studies, with a 7th Day Adventist pastor, some 10 years ago now, she told me that the breath of life goes back to God. Our bodies go back to the ground in whatever form we choose to dispatch them in. Our souls stay somewhere until the day of judgement. Her take. 

Being a Cancer Sun, I’ve got a more romantic view of death. It’s a place where we return to join those important to us in life. One of them will come to get us at our moment of death, to ease the transition to the other side. 

If our mission on this earth isn’t complete, and our soul feel the need for another mission, to learn what it couldn’t the last time, we will be reborn. 

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Does anyone really know? There’s no way to know until you’re dead if even then.

I’d like to believe in some sort of other side where we meet with loved ones, review our lives and go through a preparation process for the next incarnation.

I have no idea. I believe in the ‘ether’- a non-material world just beyond this physical one, where thoughts and emotions sort of come together and create forms. I think there is a real place beyond the veil, but whether we go to this place after death or not I’m not sure of. It exists in the mind, so question is, what happens to the mind/ consciousness after we die? Is there a super consciousness or god connection that remains? Does the ego die with the physical body as well? Because once that sense of being a separate and special individual disappears does it even matter anymore where we go? 

Spiritually, I actually lean toward that we merge with the All. But I’m just not sure exactly when that happens, immediately after death or after a process (reincarnation, enlightenment, etc)

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I believe, based on the fact so many people get signs from their loved ones after death, that our loved ones are hidden behind a veil. They don’t just cease to exist.

One of my high school classmates died last spring, and his wife smelled his cologne the other day, every time she opened the fridge. (She said the only place that scent exists in the house is the bottle it comes in.) She had made a comment that the only thing she put in the fridge, the night before, was sloppy joe meat—he loved hers while he was alive. 

Hmm. I was expecting him to send her a sign at some point letting her know he’s ok, and by golly, he did. Smile

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@notmycircus This is exactly how I perceive it. Like a parallel dimension and sometimes the veil can be lifted through different mysterious ways. 

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I feel intuitively that death is rebirth. Rebirth to a number of "places".

I feel that death is akin to a DMT or high psilocybin experience.

I believe, intuitively, that our consciousness remains intact. Memories? Probably not, but intuitive knowledge that runs and is activated by happenstance/events.

"We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" -- T.S. Eliot.

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I think it depends on your level of identification with the body/mind. I think there are many realms beyond and beneath this one to which developing consciousness are attracted after death. I also think on the deepest level we are at one with God. You can't escape it because it's the matrix in which all the realms exist so where could you go? . You can, however, psychologically absent yourself from it.


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