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What Age Was A Milestone For You?

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At 30, I was so glad to be out of my 20s—so much uncertainty and questions about where to direct my life.

At 40, I was so glad to be out of my 30s, which was dominated by my peer group getting married and having babies. So many weddings! At 40, nobody cares so much about that so more, or to put it in old terms, I’ve reached that “expiration date” as a woman. Much less talk in the peer group about finding the right partner, pressure to start a family, etc. Friends’ kids are growing up and we have time to hang out again. And some of the kids are becoming really cool adults!

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14 for sure. 26. And 47.

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25 and 29 (Saturn return) were huge years for me. I moved out of my parents house late at age 25 and graduated from school and got together with my BF at 29. Age 29 was one of the craziest ages for me too, for many reasons… tons of unexpected life experiences. Room mate problems, weird work situations, a break up and getting into a new relationship right away, etc. it was different because my life is usually pretty predictable and nothing out of the ordinary 

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