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Starved For Purpose & Meaning In Life

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I read a claim, our society has become deeply devoid of purpose and meaning on the individual and collective level.  Having Libra, my instant reaction is to try to counter this but...

In considering this, I can't confidently refute it. Can you?

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It makes sense to me and in my opinion, it correlates directly with a decline in spirituality (not just talking about religions specifically). Before I became more spiritual, I would forget there were souls residing in all the bodies around us. Now I know this and feel it - we are all connected. This makes me want to do my part as a member of society. And having more spiritual energy makes me feel lighter and free to go forward with my individual ambitions in life as well. 

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I dunno, with Pluto in Capricorn squaring my Aries Venus, I almost lost touch what drives me other than drive itself.

also there’s just been this grinding energy for so long... Saturn (Cap Pluto) energy can totally make life feel like it has no meaning. 


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Is there/was there a Collective purpose and meaning?  The American Dream?  It still exists, despite endless attempts to kill it.  But aren't purpose and meaning mostly personal, individual?  Some people hum along never even thinking about it, others obsess, and some haven't the luxury as their focus is on day to day survival.  

Perhaps that claim was prompted by the excessive obsession these days with image and self image -- celebrities, media, selfies, social media, virtue signalling, pronouns, taking offense, hostility, identifying as victims of something, anything.  That certainly does indicate a void.

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I think the collective meaning and purpose in the western world can be tracked to the Judeo/Christian derived idea of the individual sovereignty and  each person being a child of God and as such, is "endowed with inalienably rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". These were revolutionary ideas that that launched people out of monarchy and heredity limitations on their opportunities in life and the protection of equal treatment under the law. That is the source of the American Dream that has seeded around the world. And before anyone jumps in and says yes but its flawed, in decline, not real....ok it's not perfect but I will point to the border and say....well tell them!

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It’s totally correct, I feel.

 Our culture offers nothing in the way of purpose or inspiration or connection to lifeforce (I don’t think what we call western culture ever did). There’s the material and the afterlife and nothing else. No immanence. No animism. Nothing to connect spirit and matter and that creates a psychic disconnect (and of course there’s always a “pill for that “). 

The balance that I can find is that Nature still exists, within and without. It’s a practical thing to be found in my experience. I think admitting that the culture sucks is ok though and probably actually a step in the right direction. Only then can growth and balance happen. So I’ll say that our culture is a piece of shit- and counter that with- but it doesn’t have to be so for the individuals who seek for meaning and substance beyond the products that the culture offers. This has been my experience as well as some others who I have seen, met, etc. mostly dead people who have left a legacy of honesty and authenticity. 

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