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Something to avoid (circa 1910)

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arnold bennet

 From "How to Live on 24 Hours a Day" by Arnold Bennett circa 1910.

"The first is the terrible danger of becoming that most odious and least supportable of persons—a prig. Now a prig is a pert fellow who gives himself airs of superior wisdom. A prig is a pompous fool who has gone out for a ceremonial walk, and without knowing it has lost an important part of his attire, namely, his sense of humour. A prig is a tedious individual who, having made a discovery, is so impressed by his discovery that he is capable of being gravely displeased because the entire world is not also impressed by it. Unconsciously to become a prig is an easy and a fatal thing."

I love this writing. I love this warning. I wish we lived in a day when we could tell a person, "Hey! Don't be a prig!"

I had an (double) Aquarian friend once, we used to do this for each other. We had an agreement!  If either of us acted stupid, we were to make this remark, "Elsa, could you try not to suck"?

It was fun. We were out prowling at the time... for men. And we'd tell them, they did not have to worry about either of us sucking, because we had a warning system in place.

"This is how you lucky fellows can be sure you're not dealing with bitches."  We would literally approach men in bars and read 'em off this spiel and many others we had.

So I'm just sayin', maybe if you have a good enough friend, they'll tell you when you're acting like a prig!

What other risks are out there that should be avoided, if possible?

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