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Are you shopping this weekend?
I bought myself a new ergonomic desk chair and one of those "vest" heating pads which cover your neck and entire spine to your tailbone.

I have not gotten the chair yet but the hot jacket is really good. I love heat for pain and with heating costs going up, I think I'll be more comfortable.


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I’m actively avoiding the crowds and traffic in the big shopping areas this weekend. But I’m starting to take note of gift ideas and reminding myself that Christmas always comes quicker than I think! 😁

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The chair and heating pad sound awesome. Sounds perfect for you!

I avoid shopping this weekend. Or even on the weekends, except they grocery store. We are going to get our Christmas tree tomorrow after my husband is in from hunting, cutting it down at a tree farm in the next town, then decorating it. There might be online shopping. We did get a list from the kids and granddaughters.

I did already get two things for my husband, and then a couple little things from a craft fair for my mom.

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I just bought some stuff online from small businesses that I follow on Instagram. Beautiful natural pigment art supplies from and some botanical salves from Also ordered some really nice down blankets online.

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I did some on-line shopping today. A book arrived today that I had ordered for my daughter.

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Today I suggested to my husband that we not buy gifts for each other this Christmas. I think he was really happy I suggested it. He hates all the commercialism and he buys things when he wants them, so there really isn't anything that he wants or needs. I generally buy what I want for myself too, and the only things I really would ask for are not really for me but for the family (a nice stock pot big enough to brine a turkey in, for example.) I'll still have things for the kids to open on Christmas morning, of course.


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