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@Elsa when I've read what your husband said, in a second I could have felt his emotions, intense, raw and it touched me deep in my heart. I used to know a man who was just like your husband. What he said is deep, kind of sad, but very very loving. In his words, love is everywhere and no matter if there are regrets or not, it's a blessing.

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I regret not giving my first love a fighting chance for the ten years I had him and now I won’t see him again till the next life.

i regret not marrying my ex fiancé and having the family he wanted so badly. But now we are back together again two years later thanks to the Venus retrograde. Everything in the world is fucked now and I wish I could have found him sooner to warn him. But I’m happy God brought him back to my life. 

Aries Venus 8th house and Pisces black moon Lilith 7th house ?

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