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Recently, I was taking to a client about "regret". I recalled writing about it years ago. This was back when it was in vogue to have "no regrets".  You can find material on this, searching here. It's an interesting topic that does not seem to be static.

This comes up now because my husband just walked in here and said, "We should have gotten married in Tucson. I should have gone out to see your father, told him, look here you ginny mother*er, you stay away from my wife. You come near her, I'll kill you. We should have had our kids; went to that church where, Speedy and I would go sometimes. We'd be Catholic. I could have stayed in the Airforce for four more years so we could have gotten settled. And then I'd have gone into Special Forces."

Do you have regrets?

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Too many to count.  Totally understand how  your husband feels, but who knows what other twists and turns might've ensued.  You can mourn lost time while also being immensely thankful for the opportunity that brought you back together.  Most are not as fortunate.

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Oh yeah, definitely regrets. Some are just practical, like I wish I had gotten braces when I was a kid and my parents were willing to pay for it.

Others are more about feeling fulfilled. I regret not studying abroad in Paris when I was in college. Funny thing is, I may have the chance again next summer, about 29 years after I said no. Sounds like a Saturn thing! I was too afraid to be far from home at the time. I was worried I’d be overwhelmed. At least now I know myself better.