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Lance Armstrong

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yeah but the other players were playing fair. They worked hard, by training alot and to do this is just insufferable. It's not fair to the others who trained for months, and this kind of trainin is not easy either. my husband's family member is a professional athlete, and in this kind of training, and we know first hand that it's super hard work, months away from his family too. He doesn't take drugs either. it's all work and many months of training.

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He is vicious. He didn't do it all alone though. All that big money to be made.... he had some accomplices that is for sure but everyone is gone now. They went bye bye as soon as the money started to disappear.

He fucked so many people over they finally all decided to get together and pummel his ass.

He did not look sorry in the interview with Opera.... not to me. And what do you want to bet he will be forgiven in no time at all.

Yes, he was a talented athlete....without the dope but he is a thief .... and to me that is worse than injecting yourself with drugs.

That boy has some cold steel blue eyes...

I think the thing I take from this is he is a fraud.... millions of dollars.... good god, why isn't this dick in jail?  A kid steals a TV... he is going to jail for years. This asshole has money in a hole somewhere.... he will never want for anything and the people will forgive him. I don't know why, but they will.

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