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John Mayer
Milky Way
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Monday, June 4, 2012
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Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 5:52 pm
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I remember the first time I heard John Mayer on the radio. He was running through the halls of his high school….lol  I had to drive into the city to a funky little record store to find the CD because mainstream was not really on to him yet.

Fast forward. He took off. Everyone loved the guy who seemed cute and played pop music. Soon he was showing off his guitar skills……….he was showing that he was much more than a pop star that the girlies were screaming over …he was playing the blues….he was playing with the big dog Eric Clapton….

And then he turned into a huge dick. He kept opening his big mouth kissing and telling and there is nothing a gal hates worse than a big mouth guy….

A cloud of bullshit covered his amazing guitar skills….no one was paying attention to his talent they were waiting for him to screw over another woman. Women don’t like a guy like this. I know I don’t. I thought he was adorable, then I was impressed with his talent and then….. I was disappointed in his big mouth.

Then…. illness and he kind of disappeared. He says he headed to Montana. I would hide in Montana too if I was known nation wide as a dick. His last album was weird.

Enter Katy Perry. He finally asked her to marry him….she said NO. I love that it took a Scorpio woman to level that boy. And I used to say if the right crazy Scorpio woman gets ahold of him he will stop all that nonsense.

He is either crazy about Katy Perry or his career was suffering and going down hill and he decided to grab on to her so she could pull him up. He got ahold of some energy and he is either completely taken by it or….he is using it to revive himself …..either way, if he hurts this one he is going to have to move to another country to find a woman or find some make-up artist that no one knows (like Rob Lowe did) to marry him (RL A Pisces who slept with anything that would be still long enough)

I know there are more important topics in the world but I am interested in how this will play out. Russell Brand gutted her….so I am sure she has lessons….I hope she does. I was gutted….but only ONCE! I hope she handles this one Scorpio style….

I am rooting for HER….

(and I had a crush on John Mayer….even paid to see him in concert front row which I would never have done if he had opened his mouth before I bought the tickets)



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Wednesday, December 11, 2013
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Saturday, January 18, 2014 - 8:25 pm
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I absolutely ADORE Katy Perry! As for John Mayer, I think fame got to his head and he didn’t think it would affect him, until it did.

I think he has talent and in the end, talent will always win. For Katy Perry though, I’m not sure if he’s the right guy for her, I think she likes ‘bad boys’, unfortunately I hope she doesn’t get burned because of her choice dating Mayer.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009
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Sunday, January 19, 2014 - 2:14 pm
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I’ve been a John Mayer fan for a long time. Frankly, I honestly think he’s misunderstood. By which I mean, not a lot of people GET HIM as a person; his personality, his quirks, his thought process.

He’s got a ton of shit going on inside of that head and it’s all shit that you have to think like him to understand. His intelligence is particular, almost Aquarian. It’s quirky and not readily understood by most.

I get that. I grok it, because I think the same way — which is what makes him appealing to me.


Yes, he has a problem with his brain-to-mouth filter. He says a ton of shit that’s fine to say in the company of friends and people that truly understand you, but it’s not shit that should be spoken to the media (and people that wait for you to say or do something wrong so they can crucify you). I also see him trying to put things into words and doing so poorly. He doesn’t communicate the bottom line of his thoughts very well. 

That’s life. He’s learned from his mistakes and is a lot more careful now, but he’s also grown up a lot. His stumbles and foibles were in the public eye, but who doesn’t fumble when people are waiting with bated breath for you to fuck up?

Is he a womanizer? No. I don’t think he is. I only know what I’ve seen in interviews and the like, but I believe his efforts in his relationships were sincere, not just for his ego or to use people.

The way he eviscerated a paparazzi in one particular instance — off the cuff, when they were harassing him on the street in NYC, showed me that. They were hounding him about why he broke up with Jennifer Aniston and he was pretty concise and upset about how he thought she was “an amazing human being” but they just didn’t mesh well and he had no idea why the hell people (IE: the press following him and shouting questions at him) were so interested in something that was perfectly normal: trying to make a relationship work, finding out they were two different people, and not wasting each other’s time when it was clear things weren’t going to work between them.

He’s not perfect, by any means, and his song lyrics show that. He knows where his struggles are.

I just don’t think he’s maliciously an asshole, or a fame-riddled dickhead like some people seem to believe.

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