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How Has Your Life Changed Since Covid?

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i feel like as if alot of people have become more shady with business dealings, or maybe i havent seen it so much, and it was always there. But my husband and i gave alot of money to a gardener /landscaper to create a nice garden for us and he ran off with the money. Only then was my husband able to hire a lawyer to track him down and act as a mediator and ask him to pay back the money owed. So far, so good, he has said he will pay first payment this month because he cant pay it all back in one lump sum. He was broke. What he did with that money we gave him, we dont know.  Even my best friend in the United Kingdom has been telling me her husband hired an electrician and he ran off with her husband's expensive tools, and didnt finish the work. But,i think its getting worse in terms of people getting scared of losing material things, or having things, such as the topic here about food and house supplies for home are running out. People getting greedy and taking everything that there is nothing left for anyone else.

mostly younger people really really hate the lockdown. It must be super hell for them, because of the restrictions and not being able to go out without a verification that they are fully vaccinated or have a covid test negative. The seniors or older people usually just go about their own way and not bother with such things and follow the rules. My mother in law said to me the other night, that young people have so much energy they need to express themselves and want freedom and so goes the rioting and protesting and wanting things they way they were. I dont think we'll ever go to how we were. not for a long long time.  At least with the vaccinations and restrictions it is helping. But there's another difficulty in the road, and thats the anti-vaccinated groups who refuse vaccination. Well, its freedom. And its good that we have that.  

and then there's the world news about the Belusarian and Poland borders and migrants /immigrants dying at the border and these immigrants have no where to go. Finally they are housed in some compound with one meal a day and no beds, just sleeping on the floors but they are away from the cold outside, and the rain and freezing temperatures.  Its just so strange and surreal because Poland is a very religious and catholic society and government takeover is stronger than humanitarian feelings. I understand both ways how the government is doing this for protection, but at the same time its against the humanitarian method. And of course there are people saying if governments give in to illegal immigrants then there would be a flooding of them and no where to house them. That always disturbs me when i read about those things. Also i read about the big topic of Gabby Petito, and the boyfriend who strangled her and left her alone, not burying her even if it was an accident. I dont think it is, and if he cant control himself why did he stick around? All these thoughts in my head about what and why and there's no answers, because its just so sad.

And the issue of the homeless all over the USA, from what i read, they send a one way ticket bus ride to homeless to anywhere in the US and many of them go to the west coast because its warmer and they'd obviously freeze to death in the north east coast, but its becoming so many that they are lining up the downtowns and tourists are becoming so scared.  Many of the homeless are mentally ill and many of them are screaming walking around the streets and its frightfully scaring even children much less adults. I have heard they did away with many mental hospitals, no where to house them and no funding. But where do these people go when they have no family and friends to help them anymore?  Its so sad, so how can the governments and those who are able, be able to fix all these things?


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This is one change brought about by the pandemic that I am happy to see:

There is no reason on earth why these big box stores have to be open on Thanksgiving.  We need to come together, to share laughter, fun, football, parades, family, friends and good food.  

And these companies wonder why they have a hard time retaining employees?  One of the first big box stores to open on Thanksgiving, Sports Authority, was also one of the first stores to crash and burn during the great recession.  Geez about payback karma.  

I really applaud Target for stepping up to the plate and deciding it is time to take a higher road.  

Also, pointed out in this article, many of these retailers received blowback from regular customers for forcing their employees to work on a national holiday.  Plus, for all the payroll and other overhead that had to be paid, revenue sales were just not that great.  

Blessings to Targert upper management for making this hard decision  --  you did the right thing!  Finally, something good has come through this horrible mess.


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@sun-mar the future is the past! Things like this are the way forward in my mind.

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@sun-mar great to see Target making some good decisions for a change!

I’ve not liked them as much recently for banning truthful books (the truth hurts sometimes I guess) but this is good to hear 

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