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Most people are thinking they should consume less media... reduce screen time, etc. Have you actually done anything?

I still take my phone to town with me. I am not worried about emergencies. I grew up without a phone in the house!  But I do have this job and people email me for consultations so I have it but I leave it in the car.

I do not take it with me into grocery stores, doctors or anywhere else.

I also turn it off around 7 PM every night.  I do have a land line so if someone close to me needs to call, they can. I will also see an email but I just shut it down.

My husband leaves his phone off all weekend and whenever he's at home.  He's hard to reach and always has been.

I have never been big on tv but watch it now, with my husband. It's about an hour a night... 90 minutes, max. I watch with a clinical eye. I really like to figure things out... of course I do, I've been studying astrology all my life.

I intend to continue this trend. I do hope to maintain this forum and realized recently, I don't care how FEW people read or contribute here. What I care is that the people are actual people.  So hard to come by these days. Smile

I'm getting a jump on Pluto in Aquarius.

What are you doing, if anything? 

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I like documentaries like PBS, they had one in last night about veterans and their experiences, it was very interesting, they also had Frontline on about the Boeing 737 Max crashes, what caused it, investigation, etc, I like regular movies but they have to be good, Donnie Brasco, etc, I avoid lame stream news and the presstitutes like the plague.

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Yep, it is so easy to lose consciousness and eat a whole bag of chips or cookies. It’s also easy to get lost in scrolling and scrolling…. and not even notice you’ve gone unconscious.

It’s about willing to remain conscious. There’s no way to automate that. It’s a war between those who have monetised our unconscious behaviour and those of us who value knowing our own mind and living in integrity with it.

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I was taking a break from Facebook until just recently. This is my second sign tonight to disconnect. I’m doing it! Thanks for the motivation, Elsa, which I am viewing as an invitation to LIFE!

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I'm not a FB or other media person. My internet stops here. Pun intended, and one or two other blogs. I'm working on how to use a phone that is not 5 G in 2022. We watch one streaming tv show, Reservation Dogs, and they're done till next year. 

My family FaceTime is important, so I keep that up. The lan line idea may be something to consider. 

I'm a blogger with sites and tales all over the place which I created to have the world I imagine is possible; I'm not famous or popular for them but it keeps my creative juices flowing and that "high personality profile" tenacity happy:)

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I'm not on any social media, I need a human connection, so forums like this are ideal, with genuine, honest folks. I watch a bit of TV in the evenings, but only movies, or Drama, definitely no reality TV (what kind of reality is that meant to be??!). I do like to have complete control of what media I consume, and even then, sometimes I have to filter it if it seems 'off'.

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