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Dealing with abuse around the world. Return to Innocence.  

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More and more is coming to light about atrocities being inflicted upon children all over the world. (Atrocities are nothing new, of course, but there’s something different about the exposure of things right now). These things can be very upsetting and will truly shatter ones own ignorance/innocence about the darkness that has pervaded our beautiful Earth. It seems to be a foundational shift in view.

I was spoon-fed a lot of this over the years and had time to integrate, transmute and heal. But I know that many do not and will not have that luxury of time, as more is revealed. Shame, disgust, horror, anger, rage, guilt, feelings of impotence will be triggered.

Those that have not been on a healing path will be blindsided. For those, I wanted to offer something. It’s a practice to deal with the feeling of powerlessness that can come up when we learn about a defenseless child that has been mistreated (that’s a massive understatement of course, but I’m not trying to use “shock” words).

We want to help them of course, we want to vanquish the abuser, we want grab them and tell them they are loved and protected.....but if we can’t: In those moments, we should realize that that child is in us and IS us. We feel that we want to save that child because that child is our Innocence Lost. We want to reclaim that part of us that was seemingly taken from us by cruelty. Sometimes of course we have had (many many many of us, if not all) experiences that mirror those of these children so that these memories are triggered. It hurts because we feel that we can’t reach that child wether it’s our past selves or a child in the present. 

But we can reach that child. We can help that child. We can help our own past childhood selves. We can reclaim our Innocence. Ill tell you how I did it.

First, I acknowledged that I identified with that child. That I felt like a child most of the time, powerless and small. This part was not easy because it feels very very vulnerable. Then I started to “save” myself. I would tell my inner child what I would tell any child who’d been abused. It’s not your fault. I love you. I love you. I love you. That their behavior against you does not mean that you are unloveable.  I’m so sorry you went through that, you are safe now. I love you. Until your inner child can be a child again. 

And I do love you! Of course it’s more of a process as many of you know, but I just really felt the need to address this today because I do sense a LOT coming down the pike. So, if anyone else would like to contribute their methods, practices, etc about how to deal with this, our group contributions might be a great resource for others. 

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I was wondering how I would address this astrologically and went to Pluto. For some reason I seem to find a place in my mind that I go to with this sort of stuff and it is Pluto linked. Currently have a book on interviews with serial killers and one on Emotional abuse tactics! [Pluto in seventh 4 degree orb square the Sun].

Part of my processing is that I start to gain an appetite almost for this information, start looking into lie detecting and things. All Pluto in seventh house stuff. See what insights things within these areas can bring to the rest of my life.

Your post would make sense for you as I recall your Pluto is conjunct Sun.

Anyway. Some thoughts on this:

  • When Nazi Germany fell the Germans who had previously not heard of the concentration camps had it put all over their TV's. There was no protest at this, there was no revisionist history out of Germany. They simply accepted it. A lot of people are running on animal programming I think and will simply fold when this comes up. (They will fold because a new animal is dominant!) There will be no protest, little difficulty processing. They'll just fold like jelly.
  • Obviously, to process anything like this health is a must. Tidy area. Food that is tolerable to your physiology, no engaging in things you know you shouldn't (for me this has been things I was allergic to).
  • Be able to distract the persons self with whatever mechanism that is for them. I think the processing happens automatically and subconsciously where the effort needs to apply is to THE REST OF LIFE. If Yoga is your thing then yoga.
  • Probably amongst those that are intelligent and do think about/ process things, but are also obedient to the state; there is no way around it, they will have to have people nearby to help them through this. I cannot think of another way. There will be no quick fix for these people.

Also, I imagine there are two groups. Those that are aware and those that are not. Those that are aware will already have started this work. In general probably tougher than we suspect. Those that are not will only find out the journalists in CNN are being taken out in cuffs.

I can't look at children when I walk along the road anymore. Since I found out about some of it... which I don't know whether to name. I just know of things that have happened to them and I avert my eyes.

Libra Noir
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Thank you:) I would definitely ascribe Pluto to this. I also see Pluto as healing, although I’m sure many will disagree, but that’s been my experience. 

It never occurred to me that there would just be people who accept this. Thats my Jupiter sq Neptune conjunction naivete.  But now that I think about it, I’ve already seen Tedtalks about how we should accept pedophilia, so that’s not out of the realm of possibility. It’s already happened I suppose with other atrocities that have become widely accepted under the guise of “progress” (which is really actually progressivism, which is actually evil imo. But also defining evil also goes against that religion, so that’s where their power lays.) 

I like that you addressed personal health and well-being. I think it’s important too. It’s really important so that the cycle of trauma ends. Because it’s also traumatic to those who will become aware of it, which is who I was trying to address here. 


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