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Ancestors and Trauma  

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I can't find my older reply, but yes, this is a real thing. I look at it 2 ways--the practical way, which makes sense to most. You work on issues today and the past gets better resolved. You're releasing it and "them."

More esoteric way--energy blocks. They happen in connection to wounding, childhood (initially) so if you heal yourself, you're healing the energy or people attached to the block.

I think of Pluto transits as opportune times to work on inter generational healing.

Fascinating topic!

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I like your idea about Pluto being good energy to work with. Since the 8th house is associated with both death and trauma, and Pluto has a special connection with the 8th house, I think you're onto something. That deep, dark energy can be fertile soil when approached mindfully. 

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That's a great thread/idea. I think my family has intergenerational terrible relationships' karma. I do not know of even one happy marriage in my family. 

Any ideas on how to begin the healing work, using the Pluto energy? Where to even start?

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I would love to work with my ancestors in order to heal our inter-generational trauma, but my grandmas are now dead, and I'm estranged from everyone in my family except one of my sisters.  I have Pluto in Virgo in the 8th, trine my Mars in Taurus conjunct IC.  Those natal Pluto & Mars are now trined with the transiting Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in my 12th house.  I've been obsessed with the topic of death since Pluto entered my 12th.  I don't fear it at all.  I'm perhaps a bit too curious and welcoming of it.

I wish my grandmas or ancestors would communicate with me in dreams or communicate with me awake, like Midara's grandfather's ghost spoke to Midara's friend so clearly and in such detail.  What an amazing experience, Midara.  And what a gift to communicate that he was protecting you from your abusive partner.  Thank you so much for sharing that story with us.

I always wonder about spirits feeling stuck in the afterlife and wanting to make amends for their earthly sins.  I'm curious about reincarnation, too.  Can your grandfather reincarnate as a human on earth if he really wanted to work on making amends for his past life's harmful behaviour?  I would love to know what his ghost says about the possibility of reincarnation.  Maybe reincarnation is a myth, or maybe he wants to avoid returning as a human.  If he can protect you from abuse in his afterlife spirit form, maybe he has more positive power as a spirit rather than a human on earth.  Is it that easy?

As for me, if reincarnation is mandatory, I pray to return as a winged creature (bee, bird, butterfly, duck, or ladybug, in that order).  I'm too misanthropic to reincarnate as a human again.  Too many humans destroying the earth and each other.  It scares and disgusts me.  If reincarnation doesn't exist, I feel I'm living my life in a good way and hope to have no regrets on my deathbed.

I did try to heal intergenerational family trauma 13 years ago when I was raped and spoke out very actively about it.  This was a decade before MeToo, when there were very few survivors speaking out so publicly.  The backlash from the deniers and silencers hit me hard, but I don't fear death, and felt strong enough to go through with the ordeal.  It nearly killed me, and I now have PTSD with suicidal ideation when I feel despondent about the general state of humankind.  I spoke out not just to warn women in my community, but also to speak for all rape victims/survivors who, for many reasons, can't speak out.

Both my sisters were raped and couldn't speak about it, and we suspect my mother was molested by her father.  She's in denial.  My mother is an abusive, mentally ill, narcissistic, alcoholic, and a pharma-drug addict.  She had suicidal ideation, too, when I was growing up in the family home.  She contemplated killing my older brain-damaged autistic sister when my sister was a baby.  My mom has had a tough life, so while I empathize, I still can't have a relationship with her.  My father is abusive too.  My maternal grandmother told me her ex-husband (my grandfather) basically condoned rape.  My grandma divorced the creep when my mom was 16, and my mom held a grudge against her mom forever.  My mom worshiped her father, as some victims of incest are prone to do.  

So while I know there's more work to do to heal the inter-generational trauma, I feel I've done my best so far.  My younger sister has two wonderful young daughters and a loving husband, so she's healing the family wounds in her own way, too, but it's not easy for her either because she's also estranged from our mother.  How do we heal inter-generational trauma while still alive in human form, yet are estranged from each other?  Perhaps the afterlife will help the healing process.

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