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Your Rising Sign: What Was Your Birth Like?

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Capricorn rising.  My parents were 37 and 49, first and only child. Mom had toxemia, had gone to stay with her parents in the city an hour away for the birth, days in advance.  I was born just after midnight on my Dad's father's birthday.  No idea how he felt about that, or if he even knew his father's birthday.  He was bitter about his father leaving, which forced him to leave school to work at 14.

My mother said she chose my name just because she liked it.  Why no input from my dad?  She was vague.  I never liked my name until as an adult I discovered that its biblical meaning is "her father's joy."  I wonder if my mother was aware of that?  My dad was a doting father, very protective, but as a tantrum prone teen I brought him more stress than joy. 

So many questions with no answers.

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