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Your Rising Sign: What Was Your Birth Like?

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Scorpio ASC. My birth wasn't traumatic like textbook descriptions say it is.

My mother had the flu  and there was a blizzard going on. But that's about it.

Hades Moon
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Pisces rising. Mom says I came into the world smooth sailing and was even born on the exact day predicted. Pretty good considering I was her first born.

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Libra rising. My mother said it was only a 5-hour labor and delivery. I was 2nd child. However, she itched severely the whole time during both of her pregnancies so she refused to have any more children.

My own children are Virgo rising and Gemini rising. Both were 48-hour labors ending in C-section. Traumatic for me but their Apgar scores were 9. Go figure!

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Scorpio ASC, came to the world in complete secrecy Smile My brother is older and my mom almost died giving birth, he came 2 weeks after the due date, on New Year, with vacuum, he is Leo rising and she decided she will tell no one she is giving birth to me, not even my father knew she's in labor. Smile

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Cancer rising. Apparently my birth was uneventful. What strikes me though is that prior to giving birth my mother took a long, warm bath in the hospital and was so comfortable she didn't want to get out. The nurse told her to get out else she'd give birth to me in the bath (these days you'd call that a water birth but it was unheard of in those days). My ruling planet, Moon, is in the 12th house 🙂. Makes a lot of sense to me on multiple levels, including this literal one.

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Capricorn rising. I was due on my father’s birthday but was born five weeks early on his late mother’s birthday instead. My mother was in labor for 24 hours before I finally arrived at 1:42am. She loved complaining about it when I was in a child and always made me feel like I was a burden to her.

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