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Your Pluto aspects & an experience

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What would be some words of wisdom you would share with your younger family members about Pluto and what it tries to teach or has taught you. 

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I have sun conjunct Pluto, and my son has sun conjunct Neptune. I have tried to teach him to look beyond the 'glamour' of Neptune when people he meets tell him what he likes to hear, and look deeper, what are their real intentions and motives?

He, however, has his sun and Neptune in a fixed sign and Will. Not. Accept. that I may have a point. I have been proved right many a time, but he likes to gloss over that... 😀 

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I have an 8th house Pluto.

It has taught me how to handle power. Not to control others or allow others to control me. I try to empower people. To help people transform.

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External control is futile, it will only makes things worse. Going within and reconnecting with Spirit, ancestors or whatever deity you believe in will help you move through the experience. This is like energetic exorcism, it is likely some ideas or things you care about will fall apart. Allow yourself to feel intense negative emotions like rage, betrayal, revenge, do not act on them, just let them flow through you, unless it is very serious matter and your physical survival depends on it. There is no really right and wrong guide book for it, you are in uncharted territory and others simply have no idea. You will have ZERO tolerance for superficiality afterwards and will desire things of depth and substance only.

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Go for the root!

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Scorpio ASC and Pluto in the First House.

That I am in control of my own body and in how I look and that no one dictates my sex life by telling me who I will engage in sexual activity with.

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