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Where is your Black Moon Lilith? How Does She (Mis)behave?

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Lilith in Virgo in the 5th house. Sometimes I've fooled around with people and basically kicked them out because I didn't feel like breaking my routine, or I felt like they'd disrupt the cleanliness of my apartment. Done that in reverse too, where I go home despite being invited to stay over. Also a lot of the music and movies I like are edgy, dark, weird.

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max said

max said
It's in my Seventh.



Lilith in Taurus is an earthy lust goddess, the most sensual of the Liliths, decadent in her approach. She loves all things beautiful, perfume, candles, soft furry blankets, all these things make her feel sexier. She is a woman of the forest, a forest nymph, dancing around with Pan and enjoying all of the earth’s delights. Her sex is full of love and romance, she can pull anyone into her world of intense romantic connection. Perhaps she loves everyone that she sleeps with, even if it’s only once. She is simple in her approach, there’s a bare nakedness to her, knowing that all it takes is letting Venus flow through her. She is Venus’s priestess (along with Lilith in Libra). She would perhaps be able to express her sexuality to the fullest within a loving relationship.

Well, she sounds like fun.

While I'm at it, Wuthering:


Lilith teaming up with Aphrodite. Like Lilith in Taurus, this Lilith embodies pure femininity. While Taurus would be a more earthier, sensual lust goddess, Lilith in Libra would be the charming seductress, beauty is her power. She would maybe be a people-pleaser in the bedroom, putting her partner’s pleasure first. I would see her bringing poise and grace into the sexual act. Libra rules justice so this Lilith may be interested in finding justice for women. Combining soft flowery femininity with dark witch power - like Lilith in Aries she knows how to get what she wants, but instead of taking action she’ll charm you into coming to her. While Lilith herself prefers to be single and independent, Lilith in Libra may find power through relationships, it gives her the stage upon which to perform her sacred sexuality.


['The people-pleaser thing seems a bit awkward.']  

Just an awkward way of describing it.  I'd call it "worshipful" (my 9th house too), thus only for one deemed (or rationalized as) worthy.  Never could stand it to be focused on me, had to be an exchange of "power," "the stage," and "sacred."  Conquest/surrender, with obstacles, intrigue, drama.  Anything less sadly declined to boredom.  

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Black Moon Lilith in first house conjunct Scorpio ascendant

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Lilith in Aries. Not sure if in 6th or 7th house, depends if my time of birth is correct. What I do know is guys whose Sun, Venus or Mars conjunct my Lilith see me as a bra-burning man-hating raging feminist (lol). I absolutely do not hate men in general, I just dislike the ones who try to put me in a box because I'm female. Aries men often like to be The Man so I get why they see me that way. I do like to be on my own a lot. I have seduced men back in the day just to get a kick from being liked. Pretty selfish, huh?

I've noticed men with strong Lilith like bitchy, high-maintenance, even manipulative women.

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She's in my 7th in Taurus (thanks Max for the lovely description).  Opposite Neptune and square My Sun.  A total merger is mandatory.

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My Lilith is retrograde in Taurus first house. I don't like misbehaving Lol. 

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