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When your chart-ruler goes retrograde

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Thank you for posting this. Because, actually, it made me realize the disruptions in my life when this happens.

I'm also a Sagittarius rising, and whenever Jupiter goes retrograde or changes signs, my life is completely stalled for a month *at a minimum*

I have Jupiter in Libra in the 10th house, and the first area of life where I notice the disruption is career.

And like clockwork, this week started with my professional life in some kind of no man's land, unmoored from positive progress and direction that I was experiencing even up to last week.

I checked the calendar, and the same thing happened when Jupiter initially ingressed into Pisces and Aquarius, and their respective retrogrades.

It's almost like my personal or energetic world needs extra time to adjust or fine-tune itself when the planetary shift happens.

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