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When Astrology Hamstrings You

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Thanks! I have Virgo and sometimes I need help getting outside of my own brain. "Analysis paralysis" has always been an issue for me. 

Today I looked at the VOC moon chart after deciding there's things to get done tomorrow. (I plan to talk to my boss about picking up more hours and they need help with coverage anyway. I also have a pair of pants ready to be hemmed, which I'm taking to a dry cleaners I've used before. Once I saw the moon would be VOC all day tomorrow I questioned my plans! That's nuts.) 

Venus going retrograde makes me nervous, too. My parents have strongly suggested I apply for higher-paying jobs in the area, even if it's a small increase. All I know is I'm leaking money badly and cannot afford to mess this up. Pick up more hours (which means yet more wear and tear on the car) or risk starting a new job during Venus Retro and it doesn't last? Do you see where my mind is going? Virgo train wreck! LOL!

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I have started at least 2 jobs with Mercury retrograde and I'm fine.

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Wow I don't do this at all. Things for me are like... 'Oh it is a lot less intense recently are we on the waning?' Check, 'Yep we're on the waning'.

Someone did xyz to me at [location], and X was transiting my Y. 'Check chart', this was the person and energy for this reason.

And then... 'Oh wow Venus is going retrograde, I wonder what is going to happen with x individual or group of individuals.'

I wouldn't try to forcast individual days I would go mad.

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I forget to pay attention to VOC moons, but the few times I did know about them and paid attention, I noticed some truth to their reputation. I noticed this especially when buying groceries.. when I did it during VOC, some of the food ended up past expiry or somehow I ended up having to throw it out or I didn't like it. Maybe food being Moon ruled it gets affected more. 

I mostly pay attention to Mercury retrograde and eclipses and new/full moons.

I like knowing, if only to brace myself for when sh/ts about to hit the fan, especially with Mercury retrograde and me being double Mercury ruled, I avoid major decisions and purchases. Sometimes there's really nothing you can do about it though. Whatever happens, happens. 

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No, luckily I don't add that to the rest of the stuff that keeps me from doing things.

But I do watch out or MercRX bc it is often mentionned here! (Didn't know about this before finding EE.)

Also I like to check out transits to have an idea of what I might expect, or if far away transits maybe start to integrate the idea/energy of it (not get caught unprepared) or do something about it, if that is possible.

Mostly it's to reassure myself. But of course, things can happen out of nowhere, with no possiibility to be preapred. Well, would rather not think about that one!

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I absolutely do pay attention to the Moon V/C. I feel it serves me well. In fact I put that time to good use. Better not to make purchases or plans. Great time for menial tasks! General readings such as "Libra for the month of October" etc seem rather silly to me.

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