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What to expect from second nodal return?  

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My first nodal return in Gemini was a difficult time. Perhaps this was due to not being on the right path in life? I had started college and I wasn't getting on well with the course or the students I lived it. It was painful and lonely. I don't think I was at all suited to the course I chose to study.

It's looking like I will be a caregiver during second nodal return. With North node conjunct IC and chiron in Gemini, maybe this time I'm on the right path. I hope so.

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I was hoping someone would chime in on this because I will be having this in late Taurus. If I remember correctly I started college around this time as well. I was with people but also felt lonely in the crowd. Depressing time. Saturn was in Scorpio which I hate so that was probably part of the problem.