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What Signs Do You Gravitate To Romantically?

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Pisces moon/rising. Or saggitarius. But mostly Pisces.

It's uncanny how easily I can pick them out in a room; like I'll look around, & everyone has a shape except this one guy who appears as a blob. Lol, I'm attracted to blob ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Interesting topic. Not attracted to a specific sun sign. But all my boyfriends had either Leo or Sag rising.

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Sag, Leo, Scorp


Virgo Moons


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I attract 12th house people, friends and romantic. I have Pisces Moon in 6th. 

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Always cancers for some reason, I think it’s because the only two signs I don’t have planets in are cancer and Taurus. I always fall in love with cancers and I have lots of taurus family.

My current partner and also my two best friends are all Leo sun Capricorn moons, weirdly enough. The local town wanderer who studied astrology and casted charts the old fashioned way told me years ago I had one true soulmate in my chart and he would be capricorn. Still trying to figure that one out. 

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