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What signs are you most attracted to at first glance?

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without fail: Scorpio, Cancer, Sadge, Leo ASC


Your astro?


Me: Taurus Sun, Pluto Scorp ASC, Aries Jupiter Moon widely Venus (5th)

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Leo Sun or Asc, Scorpio, and Aqua. 


Me: Sun Cancer, Leo Moon and Scorpio Asc

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Really interesting question.

I am attracted to physical appearance, first.  Perhaps this is because I have Mars in Libra? I like men with short dark hair and a big nose... don't even think about their sun sign.

As for my important relationships, what's been true all my life is the men who I have connected with over time have with a moon in Scorpio or Aquarius, period.

It's really strange to me. It may be because one can relate to me (Scorpio) and the other can detach or just likes my nuttiness (Aquarius). But this has been the case since I was 12 years old.

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My kind of topic!

The men i am attracted to had always Sagittarius rising,  interestingly. The sun sings were mixed.

Me: Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Aqua rising. 

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When I was younger, I was always running into Aquarius men. Now it seems that I like Libra moons.

On first glance, I like Virgo men -- I have Venus in Virgo. It's interesting because I am, generally speaking, not into Scorpio men -- even though I have a Scorpio Mars.

I'm a Leo.

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@shortpants yeah I have a Gemini Mars and have never been interested in Gemini men... my Jupiter prefers their opposite.

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It’s always been Scorpio for me. Also Capricorn, and to some extent Sagittarius. Prominent Uranus as well.

ETA I have Venus opposite Pluto/Saturn. My 7th house is Aquarius and I have the modern ruler of the 7th (Uranus) in Sag conjunct Jupiter in Sag as well. 

I have a lot of 8th house energy with Sun and Moon conjunct there, with Sun as chart ruler. I also have Mars there and Mars tightly parallel Pluto. I think these factors, as well as my Venus/Pluto opposition, account for the Scorpio attraction. I couldn’t be with any other sign very long besides maybe Capricorn. No other sign has ever been able to handle me tbh. They aren’t strong enough. Scorpio also understands me and vice versa. 

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