What rules shame?
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What rules shame?

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Venus conj Saturn


Libra Noir
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Oh man was I wrong about breaking free lol! Holy shit, I couldnt have grasped the depth and breadth of it, when I first wrote this. Its truly ancient, archetypal and not even personal. I just have to laugh at how easy I thought it would be. I didnt know what kind of thread I was pulling on here. 

Nowadays Id never ever say that I had something licked. It was arrogance but also naïveté. Ive been humbled for sure in regards to dealing with shame. I commend anyone who takes it on in a healing fashion. Its a big dragon, older even than fear. 

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We Pisces can feel deep shame. A deep feeling sign. cry

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Hmm. Shame is a feeling that is often largely influenced by culture, so outer planet interactions with the moon seem the most likely aspects to be involved in feeling shame; though, since shame is a feeling, it seems that itself would fall under rulership of the moon. 

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Plain and not so simple...

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From what I've read in the shame book, if I understood correctly, guilt & shame are not the same.

With guilt a person feels bad about something they did that was "wrong" (according to their own standards, betraying their own values)

You could make a mistake, perhaps not be very happy about it, feel guilty, but not necessarily feel deep shame.

With shame it is the person who is basically wrong/bad/flawed (I mean, they feel that way) - no matter what they do. It's a pervasive feeling & not always attributed to a specific cause.

But I think indeed feeling guilty can lead to shame.

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