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What is the hardest thing in astrology for you?

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10 years in and I still have to google sometimes. And I don't know if google is giving me the right answer. 

I try to study something about it every day. I practice on celeb charts because they are available. I couldn't care less about the celebs. If there is a tragedy, I look at ppls birth charts to see whatever is going on transit wise... that is how I practice. I also go back in time on my own to study transits. 

I do get stuck sometimes but don't give up until I find the answer myself. There are times I want to come here and ask but don't. 

Been reading about critical degrees & nodes. 

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Nodes… there’s more to them than you will find doing a simple google search. There’s more to them than past life/destiny. There is secrets around them having to do with magick and such. I like Jeffrey Wolf Greens Evolutionary Astrology though. He said it came to him in a dream. Seems far fetched but in practice, seems like it has some truth and a lot of depth. I’ll probably never fully understand the nodes.

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Certain aspect patterns like my Moon, Saturn and Neptune T-square. I just can't get a handle on that energy, but then again, Neptune is involved!

Apart from that, if there's something I'm having trouble with, I'll approach it from all angles until it gels with me.

I love how multi-layered/interconnected Astrology is, it sometimes blows my mind!

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I have a hard time connecting all dots together... Seeing separate aspects I can understand - more or less - still have to google/ read in books, but then connecting all of them into a single story is hard for me both natal or transits, not to mention progressions...

I am fascinated by astrological psychology and try my best to learn and read as much as I can on my own. 

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i also have to google alot and go through this blog to read, and many times i get the time of birth wrong or do a chart wrong and only because the resources i get it from are wrong (sometimes its family members who dont even know their time of birth lol) or their childrens if the children were born in a foreign country ages ago, without hospital records. or they didnt know the exact either so 50% the chart is wrong and birth date wrong, but i try to read off the rest, such as venus mars mercury and the outer planets should be same ..if within that year or few years depending. it still takes time, and i dont do well with connecting dots either. i try to look up famous people's charts and see how they are faring, if for example they have similar birthdays or close to the birthdays of anyone i know. There seems to be maybe some kind of correlation but i'm not sure. just theorizing. I'm still clueless about many things.

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