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What Is Mars In Aries Like?

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I have IT in 12 house (pisces on a cusp) on trine with Sun on 4h Leo and Jupi 7h saggitarius.

Give me mission imposible, with plenty of adrenaline and I'm there! Even if it sounds scarry for others, I will tell the stories after like "haaaa, You know, old borring life...". 

I am avoiding conflicts, but if somebody provoce me - there is just war. Open, without enemies, but with straight rules. Play games? Nope, I will rather tell You and everybody else how without any honor (or stupid) you are playing games with me. Or just smash your face (nope, I'm not proud of it). Btw, i know the games, IT is just under my sense of honor to Play. 


And having grand trine on fire with fast, active and hot planets - I need fire. Other way i will jus sit on chair and getting depressed thinking what to do to complicate my life a little 😉

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What do people with Mars in Aries want?

A competition... not an unhealthy a fun competition.  A challenge.  I love to challenge myself. A lot of excitement and passion. 

How do they get it?

Directly, straightforward. Holding nothing back, they get what they want with vigor.   And don't stop until they get it.

How do they fight?

They don't give up. Courageous. Nothing scares them.  

What about sex?


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