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What Is Mars In Aries Like?  

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Let's talk about Mars in Aries.
What do people with Mars in Aries want?
How do they get it?
How do they fight?
What about sex?

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What do people with Mars in Aries want? To not be poked.
How do they get it? Usually by being assertive, and straightforward.
How do they fight? Sometimes physically.
What about sex? From what I hear, they're very passionate!

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Someone close to me has this placement- it's GO GO GO all. the. time. They literally never stop. Their zest for life is absolutely unparalleled. And this is someone in their 70's. But if for whatever reason they're forced to stop (like illness or setbacks for example) they get all mopey and depressed, they can't handle being forced to do nothing- I think that Aries fire really needs some fuel (stimulation) to keep it burning.  

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What do people with Mars in Aries want? This one wants to be on fire! Joy in fire! A crisis, an urgent mission, a brilliant idea and it’s off to the races. A simple straightforward need (for family, neighbor or group) and we are on it...often leading, and alone, but only because we are fast and first off the line.  We love to be daring and brave - and badass whenever possible. So yes sometimes an obnoxious show offiness happens.

How do they get it? They look for opportunities, push into situations and try to find the thing that needs to be done right away
How do they fight? Directly - in your face
What about sex? Fast and furious, sudden, right *now*! 

And yes, without a fight or something to be fired up about, Mars in Aries will get in the ring alone and knock herself out cold.

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I knew of a Mars in Aries man who claimed he’d screwed about 100 women. He also said he had a terabyte of porn on his computer. 

Sex addiction, much?

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