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What Is Mars in Aquarius Like?

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My mom, her mom and a former roommate all have (or had) Mars in Aquarius.

All three have one thing in common.


Try to control them in ANY way, shape or form and they will balk. They call the shots in their life and if you don't like their decisions, tough shit.

Mom's parents put her in Catholic school because she couldn't behave as a teenager. She responded by sneaking out her bedroom window at night to party, drink, smoke, and do everything else a teenager could possibly do to shock and offend her parents. 

They also seem to approach things in kind of a detached way. When I started getting visits from, um, Aunt Flo, Mom didn't even seem fazed at all. She surprised me with a cute starter kit of maxi pads (can't remember which company--it was a purple bag). I loved it. When SHE got her first period, her mom handed her a pamphlet. LOL  Ah well.

The roommate rivaled my Taurus hubby in the stubborn department. When they butted heads, he doubled down and she bolted.

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Hi im a cap sun libra moon and aqua mars and all you say is true haha i value freedom so much but in the same time i also want to be i. Relationship with someone i think because of my libra moon but anytime someone gives hint that they like me back i kinda get turn off and it kinda seems like im allergic to relationship i really want a relationship but i cant stop going away to someone that makes me look like i have a responsibility on him ugh so frustrating ???

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Mars is going into Aquarius! I am interested in another man with Mars in Aquarius, and I am pretty sure he is interested in me ... except that we're all in quarantine.

I am ready to chew my way out of my apartment building! We both have earth sign Venuses ... the pace has been glacial. I'm ready, god dammit. It's only been a few years.

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