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What Did You Learn With Jupiter In Capricorn?

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Last night it hit me, I've gotten a serious education over the last year.  My view on almost everything has changed, permanently.

I think it's good. It's not happy but it good.

What did you learn from Jupiter's transit through Capricorn?

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Natally my Jupiter is in Aries, (10th) another Cardinal sign.  Capricorn Jupiter has been 6th house.  I’ve particularly been learning about aging, and how different work and daily life feels as a woman approaching 60.    I do have a better sense of establishing myself and I feel capable.   Jupiter added simple low key (bluster kept in check by Saturn Pluto) Confidence 

Beneficial lesson for sure  (looking forward to Jupiter in Aquarius )

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I've been learning who my friends really are. No arguments, no showdowns, I've just removed myself from their company quietly. Feels strange, but just couldn't handle duplicity any longer.