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Weak body in astrology

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What can be an indicator of weak body in astrology? Is it possible to see something like this in chart? It's not about health problems, but people who give the impression that they are weak or vulnerable. Yes, I know that apperance is apperance, but it's from inside too...

Some people have natural vitality (Sun in Leo often has that and strong Leo placements in charts), other are like trainwreck (I hate this term, but I try to describe this problem in the simplest way) . We all know people who look like they're always tired...What can be an indicator of this? Sun damaged by malefics, bad aspects with Ascendant?

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I've Read that the Ruler of the 6th house/1st house and aspects/transits to them could point out where ones health may be lacking.

Also, Saturn/Neptune Midpoint and or Mars/Neptune midpoints too.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around basic Medical Astrology though.