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Venus Uranus happenings...

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Venus Uranus are in my 7th, five degrees past my Taurus DESC exactly squaring my 16 deg Leo MC .... so far nada for me,

any interesting happenings to report? 

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This hits my Venus. I feel stimulated; like a buzzing of sorts. It's in regard to my self-esteem, I'd say, rather than upsets in relationships.

I also, feel detached from my ego (Venus in Leo).

Thanks for the question.

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As a Taurus, the day of the conjunction was very tense and stressful, but I also felt the ability to detach from human 'drama' and instead connect with a powerful sense of vibrant life energy, which had a calmness and eternal quality to it. The next day, I felt like I had been renewed energetically in my being, like starting a new beginning or cycle, a reset? I am finding it easier to bounce back from drama during the day into a calm place of self-trust. Doing my Taurus thing of listening to birdsong. There's a lot of drama in relating to people I'm finding atm!