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Venus rules your kidneys

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You may be surprised to find that Venus rules the kidneys. I got thinking about this because I have to have a kidney ultrasound today. Most likely, I have a kidney stone or stones but it gets my attention because my grandmother died from a kidney problem in her 40's.

My sister predicated I would die from a similar problem. She said I'd inherited a problem from her but I don't give this is a lot of credence because she told me this in my 20's predicted to happen in my 40's. I'm still here.

Anyway, it's interesting because Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra @ 25 degrees... square the planets in Capricorn / my Capricorn ascendant.  I'm glad for this distraction, today. I'll also be glad to get this done.

Have you ever had a kidney problem? Can you see the the Venus connection?

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Yes and yes. My Venus is conjuncted to Mars squared to Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Chiron. Considering the aspects, it is relatively a minor problem.

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“At least so far” I should have said.

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Never had a kidney problem, but definitely a few UTI's. My Venus is 26d Aries.

I hope you feel better. (((Elsa)))


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Hi Elsa, I'm new here but I hear very nice things about you from a few of the members here so I'm glad to be a part of this community you created.  Let me know how your ultrasounds goes if you get the chance.  Funny enough I have a kidney ultrasound this coming Saturday, my doctor suspects kidney stones...lets hope its just kidney stones lol.  My Venus is in pisces and in the 5th house also containing Venus.