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venus in scorpio friend- not sure if i should continue the friendship

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i have been friends with this person for almost 10 years now. We met during some projects and we remained friends.
I had some weird issues with her in the past as i thought she was not frank and honest. Even not towards me but towards other people especially when it comes to money. I saw her weird and shadowy side but to me she remained friendly ( as she would not let me go?).

I have some doubts if i need to be close friends with her or to remain at some distance because sometimes i think she is too concerned about herself, very selfish. SHe told me she likes problematic people, not nice because nice for her is boring and too ´plain´. She likes to dig deep into people and she likes to get to know people´s sadow side as well as problematic, toxic side.

Im not that ´into´ people´s personalities because it could cause chaos and energy loss to my mind. I know that when i dig deep i lose myself in this and my energy is gone. I prefer to go for a run or just stay in silence at the computer than to talk about other people´s situations, comparing everything to her situation...

Whenever i meet with her she digs deep in everything. For me she is not happy even though she seems like a person who works hard and does many things. SHe has this deep grief to the world about some money, personal and family situations.

In the past we would discuss those things and i would cheer her up but the more we meet up she always ends up with this hard, difficult topics , about the world, toxic things and world unfairness. She has this deep grief and sadness in her, whenevr i ask her about maybe she would find a bf or someone she tells me she is ´finished´. Sometimes i even cant cheer her up because i would be ´nice´ and ´funny´ and i would see the world in light colors and for her it would be very naive and childish....

Right now i have this complicated emotions about that friendship because whenever we meet i feel overwhelmed and worn out of emotions by digging so deep in the world dark aspects and other people and money and etc. With her there is no ´light´ and ´funny talk´.

I dont know what to do because i like her but sometimes i think its ´too deep´.

When i see her chart now she has venus in scorpio. I had a sag friend in the past that had venus in scorpio but i left her many years ago because it was too much... I see she has this placement as well.
Maybe its me who connects with venus in scorpio people unconciously? Or maybe those people feel that i am an open book when i am a good friend and they dig deep?

Maybe its a pattern for me ? What do you suggest?

Her natal chart is proper because last time we met she told me her birth time. She is Saggitarius i am an Aries


thank you all for the answer Smile



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Personally, I would stick with her. 

For one thing, you have ten years invested. But also, you have a lot of Capricorn and this seems a control thing to me... also judging.

Your Aquarius isn't really like that. It would keep her as a unit in your menagerie.

Also, if something dark happens to you, who are you to call?  Venus Pluto in Scorpio, maybe.

I'm not you but to me, there is no debate here. People who will stick with you for ten years don't grow on trees. Smile

Good luck!

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@elsa thank you for the answer. Yes i have a lot of capricorn placements and i know i judge. But i try to be objective and generally i have some morals and aspects of ethic that i try to pursue. 

I know people are different but when you play with those ethical and moral aspects that are important for me , i start to doubt that person..

that is why i wrote this thread here. I dont want to judge but im doing it now. I know everyone has its own life values and morals and i am not a person who says what is right what is wrong. 

I know she trusts me and i like her. Sometimes her digging deep is too intense. I dont like it. I dont like and im not interested in the material way of life ( how weird is it - even though im capricorn moon!!!). I hate gossiping and making drama of peoples belongings and material things. 

I accept the fact that life is unfair and people use others and many things possible to get the money but i am really not interested in where she/he gets this from, how would he /she afford it. 

There are hidden things in the world i am not aware of and i dont wanna know just because i wanna have peace of mind. 


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venus in scorpio can be some intense energy. i agree with all of elsa’s points, though. is it possible that this person is not wrong for the way she lives or thinks, but is simply different from you?


her energy may not be compatible with yours, or maybe you need smaller doses of her at a time. also depending on the ages involved you may have grown apart. but if that’s the case, recognize that for what it is and recognize that your friend’s energy has plenty of value and a place in the world even if that place isn’t next to you. you don’t have to let anyone drain your energy if you don’t want to.

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@pinkoleander my challenge with her is whenever we talk na deeper level. Probably its normal human behaviour and i cant be so strict. Maybe she just opens up to me and trusts me. I am not sure if i understand her values and morals… ( for me its sth important)

In the past i distanced a bit from her about 5 years ago but we again got closer friendship 3-2 years ago during pandemics. I always suppoer her and her choices but the way she sees the world is for me unfair. And she think she is very very right about it.

of course im not a person who cant let her in my life because we have known each other for many years and its nice to have her company. But the moment she breaks this ‚point’ and starts to dig deep for me is very intense. 


She had many problems concerning her family, social status and money. Everything she achived was only her work. For me is something she can be 100% proud of and its sth i am also proud of her. But when you dig deeper and when you let her speak her mind its clear that she thinks of herself as of someone who is the ‚biggest victim’ of life, that she is ‚the only’ artist that  has not been given the chance or recognised, that she ONLY struggles like this in the world…. She works in creative industry and i know she is surrounded by many beautiful people ( i say only looks here matter). She thinks she is THE ONLY one that needed to work hard her life like this, that EVERYONE is given sth from parents or universe and SHE IS ONLY ONE THAT IS NOT. 

Everything evolves around her and around money. I didnt want to write here about this but whenever i see with her she comes up with money topic very often asking where did i buy sth, how much was sth etc. 

She likes to dig deep in peoples lives for example „where did they get the money for the house”, or „how much his mum earns to be able to afford that car”. Because of her family complexes with social status she ‚needs’ to know how and where/when people get things.

in the past we worked together but i distanced myself from her because her attidute towards money was not ethically mine. She would make weird and unjustice things to unaware people/friends to get the money from them ( from her work). And her argument was that its the only way she can pay her bills and pay her debt from creative projects… 

When i told her many times in the past that she could apply for normal oridinary job 9-5 she told me she was not created for this. So i told her that she shouldnt be surprised she is poor ( back then) if she only wanted fame and success not doing the basic work ( at some tim ein her life). Instead she would play a ‚life victim’, an ‚artist that cant live day by day’ and people would help her ….


it was when i distanced myself from her. Since then she changed for better and she values work , the basic hard work because she realised she can make normal money. BUT again in our deep conversations she talks this weird comments on her only being the biggest life victim… 

i once told her to be grateful she is alive and is healthy, not handiccapped. She told me she would never be. It was very harsh because you never know when the life and accident hits you..

her confidence mixed with rudeness is sth i dont know if i want to have in my personal relationships… of course in business relationships ( as her working in creative world as a freelancer ) is pretty common and expected…