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Venus and Mars in Mutual Reception

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Venus is in Scorpio. Mars entered Libra last night. This put the two planets in mutual reception.  This situation will be sustained for about three weeks (until October 7th).

I think it will be interesting to watch. There is a lot of venom out there. People are seething for any number of reason. Will the mutual reception help this?

What do you think?

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But the aspect is a very weak semi-sextile, so I wouldn't expect much out of it..

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While those two alone may not bring a lot of action, when they meet-up with other planets, could be time to roc n' roll as they interact with other celestial bodies.  With Venus, we are looking at a trine to Neptune, sextile to Pluto, op to Uranus, and inconjuncts to Saturn, Jup and Chiron.  So that could line-up for delusional, obsessive, exciting, and simply having a hard time staying balanced.  Granted, these transits only last a day or two, but it can just be day after day.  A touch of chaos.

As for Mars, tosses a square out to Pluto, inconjunct to Uranus, trine to Saturn and Jup.  Add a conjunction to Merc with an op to Chiron, and back to your comment about a lot of venom out there, verbal comments and nasty cyber-grams may just be the result of many people displaying really, really bad manners.  Add to that  (right around the 10th of Oct.) Merc is still retro  --  OMG, I already feel sorry for anybody that works in tech support  --  it may be a rough couple of days.