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Uranus in Taurus Reversal of Fortune Example

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I believe I am experiencing a positive reversal of fortune ::fingers crossed:: 

I currently have Uranus transiting the 6th house of work trine my 2nd house Sun. A boss who has been a real problem for me for the last 6 years may be fired--retired. She's been on leave for over a month and I hear her office has been cleaned out. No official word yet but  this could be a huge relief for me. 

Have you had any positve Uranus reversals to report?

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I don't know about a reversal as in a single reversal. For me it's been more up and down... and then when down, a new innovation or stroke of luck or nabbed opportunity brings me back up.

This pattern is so established I would become unnerved if I went for long in a straight line without disruption. However, my Venus is also being transited by Uranus so this could be part of it.