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Uranus in Taurus: Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty  

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The world has gone a little insane with the quest of outer beauty.

Social media has likely fueled images of what is considered beautiful. It's true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what does a platform like Instagram with ~1 billion users reveal about what we find beautiful?

Can we blame the media entirely for distorting beauty, emphasizing and placing higher value on outer looks?

Might Uranus in Taurus re-balance how we view inner and outer beauty?

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It might. Right now the beauty community on YouTube has been deemed, by many people, as the ugliest community there! It's like some of the most highly skilled and successful makeup artists are also some of the most narcissistic people and almost constantly generate drama!

I think social media has made people myopic, in a sense. It's all about image. Presenting well. Only letting the camera show me living my best life, with filters on, no imperfection allowed. This kind of thinking has messed up the priorities and values of businesses and individuals. Gotta make myself and my life look good at all costs!

Celebrities have been getting quite a bit of flak for their quarantine hairstyles and makeup looks. Kelly Ripa and Savannah Guthrie are the first two I can think of. They have been accused of distracting viewers by letting themselves go and looking "unkempt". Some people seem to have this idea that even during a pandemic when all salons are closed, it is the duty of celebrities to magically find a hairstylist and makeup artist to keep their looks up so they don't disgust the rest of us. Good grief, talk about tone deaf! 

Hopefully the world will learn to get its priorities straight on this in the future. Money is tight for a lot of people and is about to get tight for a lot of others, so superficial mindsets and judgmental attitudes will have to go.