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Understanding Cardinal Signs

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What do you know about Cardinal signs?

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Can we all just slow down; stop moving for just one second, please!!

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I can't generalize, I know very few.

I have a Capricorn friend who thinks and acts according rules, laws, principles, regulations, value systemes - everything must be according to these ideas - and shouldn't be otherwise!!!

Anyone who doesn't fit this grid is stupid/lazy/without morals or education. So sometimes she tries to "fix" people. (Doesn' work)

A Cancer friend would like to "lift" people, make them better than they are. This sounds positive, but... doesn't really work either. But is not a totalitarian like the Capricorn.

Two Aries I know don't really give a shoot about others, they're mainly concerned about themselves. Quite insistant & often get what they want, but somehow feel like victims if they don't get it (!). However, I think this is not their Sun being expressed, but other planets w/difficult aspects.

I have a Libra friend, but it seems she doesn't feel the need to bend people - live & let live. At least that's the way she is with me.

Doesn't make much sense. I guess it depends on how many planets in the cardinal signs and their strength (well aspected or not).

Generally, it seems like they are strong type people.

So, it looks like I haven't answered the question!

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Aries will you stop pushing me around? You jump first! I will after you. And, stop poking me with that thing! 

Cancer, there there girlfriend, it will be alright! Stop crying and point me in the direction of your bully! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Libra, we know you are pretty. Will you please decide if you want fries with that burger cos I am tired of standing here..... and ffs...pick a side!!!! 

Jesus Christ Capricorn... lighten up. You worry too much about work even for me. Your paycheck is big enough. Stop being so serious. I know you have a soft center because my grandma says so! 

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.... oh my Aries! that's so so naughty. Stop it! I like it!

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We are considered bossy, but I don't think we particularly want to come off that way. We are just trying to move things forward!

We have a constant need to be getting things done. There's always some kind of agenda or project.

It's a waste of time trying to knock us down, because we'll get right back up.

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