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Transiting Pluto Square Natal Jupiter

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I'm going through this right now. Pluto's at 10 Cap and my Jupiter is at 11 Libra. This transit seemed subtle until I started researching some of the manifestations. Here, for anyone else going through it or anyone wanting to know what it's like, is what I've experienced:

-I'm finding myself less willing to put up with fanatic individuals and fanatic opinions, and have a very strong urge to show these people how wrong and ill-informed they are, so I'm drawn to them even if I dislike them intensely. (I am reigning myself in on purpose, because of the risk there is to me turning into a fanatic myself.)

-I'm going back to school but I realize I have to stop and think about whether I really want to do what I say I want to do, just so I don't invest my resources in something that might not end up being satisfying.

-I feel incredibly determined to succeed. This is fairly recent, and for the past few months I felt pretty hopeless about that possibility. I felt like I'd be forever stuck. That feeling may have been due to some other transits, which have now ended.

-I don't know that I've experienced a crisis of faith as it relates to religion (though I did take ALL of the Pema Chodron audiobooks out of the library yesterday), but I have felt like faith in myself, at a personal level, or perhaps faith in the merits of the life I've been living, has been challenged. I went through this when Saturn was conjunct my Jupiter, too.

Not the easiest transit, but so far not the worst one I've experienced. This one I'll be coping with until the end of 2014.

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I have Jupiter at 1°Libra. So I experienced this transit in 2008. I wish I could be of help but I can't think of anything. I will have to read up on Pluto/Jupiter maybe I will make a connection.

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I've been having Pluto squaring my Venus /Jupiter opposition for several years now. It didn't do much w/ the square to Venus actually. It's almost done w/ Jupiter, next year, early part of year, I think.

Really tight finances, but I also have Saturn squaring that opposition (which I think is more immediate in its effects) and Jup conjuncting/opposing Saturn/Moon, too. Ouch. All have ganged up and finances have been very tight.

Faith, yes, an issue w/ hard Pluto/Jup contacts plus hard Sat/Jup contacts. 

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I would think look for my beliefs to transform, which in turn, would transform my future.

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Jupiter is at 29 Aries.

I suspect it will be deep, therapeutic perspectives on the damage I've done to myself through redirecting my Jupiter in the first house towards politics and things rather than what I love in life.

There would be a difference here as in approaching square and separating square.

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