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Theory: Your natal Chiron is your defense against abuse!  

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For me, that would be a third house Chiron.

The third is to do with writing and could be extended to things like blogging and this forum. One of the things though I've always associated with my natal Chiron is diary writing.

I've realised that, because memory is fickle diary writing is a huge asset when I can do it... and I've noticed it is a particular asset in places where unpleasant behaviour is happening. (Of course the number one thing they say with bullying is 'document, document, document!) Because we are liable to throw off some bad aspects of peoples behaviour if we have an enabling/ rescuer etc. sort of mindset.

As I write the diary I can feel a long term planning forming on some higher level against those that would oppose me.

Since my specific kind of defense against this kind of thing is partly to actually research it (although is that more ninth house?) I was wondering if anyone agreed with this assessment. When we face non positive people our Chiron is our defense to a large extent? Or is that specific to me?

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I have Chiron in Pisces in the fourth house and I think I have been lucky, possibly protected in Piscean type situations that could have gone negative for me, ie  drugs and alcohol, seances and new agey exploits, possible food poisoning, etc. I have Neputne in the 12th house sextiling my Sun/Venus/Mars/Pluto so that might also be contributing to the protection, however. 

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2nd house Chiron in Libra. Hm. I'm generally averse to conflict, and I'm pretty good at diffusing it. I've never been abused, but when it comes to friendship situations where there might be conflict, I'm pretty good at finding a way to bring down the tension and stop things from escalating. I've also gone out of my way to pay for things I had no business paying for just to make sure that people didn't get mad at each other about splitting a check or anything.