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The Scorpio Dead Zone

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I was thinking along these lines when I read a thread here the other day about a Scorpio hanging around an ex. The off switch / dead zone had obviously not been activated on the Scorp's side, even if it had on the other end. He/she was still getting fed. Yanno?

But I didn't say anything. *smiles*

I understand the dead zone intimately. I can usually tell if I'm edging close, even without warning. And if someone tells me about theirs I pay attention. It's no joke.

I've never understood why people don't believe someone when they explicitly say these kinds of things. They know of what they speak!

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You get in this zone with a Scorpio and to me it's this simple - you're not going to win.

So when you know you're not going to it smart to still fight?

"I'm going to kick ass ass of this green-beret-rhino."
"Sure, Elsa. Sure thing."

No friend would tell me that! :)

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I'll only say this: you don't want to be around when 2-Scorpios have this activated. Can't say any more...... just trust me.

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I have always warned them when the love or goodwill was being destroyed. 

I've told them, once it's gone, there's no way to get it back.

They still are shocked when it's over.

They miss the energy but sorry, you are no longer worthy. 

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Why offend anyone on purpose at all? That's why Scorpios in general, like me, because I never cross lines to provoke people, especially them. And especially never on purpose.

Most of the time they (Scorpios) warn you because they care about you, not because they're trying to be mean.

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What those people who push their way in don't realise is that if they respected that zone, they are more likely to be invited in. 

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