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The Moon and the shadow

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I was reading an astrological text the other day which stated that the reflected light of the moon animates shadow forms. I know the Moon is much more complex and elusive archetype than that but I find this concept so fascinating. For a few reasons.

I like when there is correlation between metaphysical concepts and nature. Things that blend with the darkness and are normally invisible to the naked eye take on distinguishable forms in full moon's light. It is like noticing the shadows that were always there but I was blind to them before.

Full Moons have been linked with a rise in suicides, epileptic seizures and psychiatric crises.

My progressed Moon is in the Full Moon phase. I got familiar with the term "shadow work" in Waxing Gibbous phase and got progressively more into it since then. I started noticing manipulative and exploitative behaviors of some "goody goody" people that I put on the pedestal that I simply could not sweep under the rug. It was eye opening. Those tactics were always there but I lacked perspective to see through all of it.

It makes me think that Full Moon helps us to see shadow aspects of whatever it touches so we can address it and free ourselves. That would also explain why Moon-Pluto contacts have such a bad reputation since Pluto takes everything to extreme.

Would you agree ?