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I'm done with the Capricorn Kraken.

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In two weeks, Saturn (exactly square my Rising, 28 Aries) and Jupiter (2d away from the Rising and closing in) will move into Aquarius. I couldn't be happier.

My Rising, Moon (19 Libra) and MC (16 Cap) have taken a beating and then some since 2016...!

Pluto is far enough from my Moon (and MC) now that I can begin to process just what the hell happened.

Yesterday, I decided to take the letter I wrote to the practice manager at the recent vet hospital stint all the way to the top. I got an answer after 10 days of nothing.

I'm a caring and lovely woman who had trouble with the fast pace (that's true, but I was told I'd need six months to get up to speed. I got just under four).

"There are times when good employees simply aren't the best fit for us."

"You deserve to be somewhere that your contributions are appreciated, possibly a practice a little less busy?"

That's from the lead vet and owner. At least he wished me well at the end...

My other takeaway was he wasn't happy at all with the way the supervisors and the outside HR director handled it. He said he's sharing my (negative ?) feedback with them.

It's little consolation now, but my guess is some of these bitches are going to get what they so well deserve.

Their attitude from Day One was, you don't belong here, you're out of your league, go back to that shitty retail vaccine clinic where you came from.

See, I noticed these bitches' faces paling and panicked looks once my 90 day probation was up in early November. I was One Of Them now. It was harder to get rid of me. So they were desperately looking for any mistake I made to cling to and get the impostor out.

Who needs dealing with that shit at 50?

As I type this, I'm relaxing at home, waiting to hear from another vet clinic that's interested in me (I'm likely going to get this job, and it's literally down the road from my house). I'm making plans to go out with old and new friends after Christmas.

As much as the Kraken came close to breaking me, the insights I gained about how people really see me (and it's mostly positive) are invaluable.


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Best. Title. Ever. Smile

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Good luck with the job you’re waiting to hear back from! “Onward” is one of my favorite words/mottos. What else can you do but move forward as best you can?