Sun almost in Fall!
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Sun almost in Fall!

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Sometimes I like to detach from the nitty-gritty astrology to enjoy the big picture. I don't think seasonal cycles get enough appreciation anymore.

When we're in Libra, the Sun is in its Fall and Saturn is Exalted. The world gets darker as night overtakes the day!

I really enjoyed last Summer. I distinctly remember feeling so good when it finally arrived.

I'm planning to do Fall and Winter right this year and not let it get me down.

I've never been one to decorate my house but I think it will help adjust to the seasons. That should help.

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Interesting. I used to like Fall the least but I come to appreciate it and this year, I'm so tired of my big garden, I realized I might do well to see Fall differently. Time to rest, basically, rather than a time when I go indoors.

It's weird to grow all this food every year and not relax post harvest!