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Seventh House in Solar Return

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Hi Everyone!

For years I have have enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and insights on this forum - thank you all so much for the wonderful posts!! 

I am (finally) making a post in regards to solar returns. From what I’ve studied, solar returns should always be viewed through the lens of the natal chart. One article I read mentioned that solar returns can only predict what has already been promised in the natal chart. 

In my observations of my own solar returns vs events that occur, I have noticed that whatever house Pluto ends up in is where I see a change. So SR Pluto in the 4th house almost always indicates a move, etc. 

My question today is in regard to the solar return 7th house. My 22/23 solar return this year has three planets in the 7th house - Sun, Venus and Mercury. I have a 7th house Venus in my natal chart but the aspects are not great, so I guess I’m at a loss as to whether this is a positive or negative solar return. Would anyone have an opinion on this? What do you think the stellium in the 7th entails? 

The chart ruler for this solar return is Jupiter, which is in Aries in the 3rd house. To me, this seems like an awkward placement that doesn’t really connect too much to my natal chart  

Natally, I have the 80-81 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Libra in my 8th house.

I am posting my natal chart and my 22/23 solar return for reference.

I’ve always struggled to get a fair review of my natal, so if anyone wants to take a crack at it, I’d be grateful!! I think the stellium in my eighth, Sun opposite Moon and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is difficult to interpret. On the outset there doesn’t look like a whole lot of positive to be had there, but I promise I’ve had a good life! 

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