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Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Ascendant, Scorpio Moon

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Scorpio ascendant with Pluto in conjunction here 😀

Pluto is also trine 8th house Jupiter, Chiron and my sun while 8th house Mercury is conjunct my sun. I live and breathe Scorpio lol

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You have that correct. People usually only see the docile part of me but when it comes to the ones I love the fight will come out of me. Took my husband to the ER .Monday night and he got the same Dr from a year prior that sent him home with a low oxygen saturation. OmG..It triggered me so bad the male Nurse thought I was being threatening because I said I did not want the DR {Now I had not ate all day , sugar level dropped and my husband had just got out of the hospital for the 3 rd time in as many weeks.}

 I was pointing my finger, yelling. I rarely raise my voice and my daughter said my looks could kill. So yes I do regret losing my temper but I sure don't regret calling out the DR. on her mistakes.

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I am smothered in Scorpio.

If I accidently knock your drink off the counter I will say I am so sorry..... accidently run over your foot with a grocery cart... or make any mistake like that I will say I am sorry instantly....

If you have repeatedly shit on me and I am forced to push my way out of a corner, forced to suck down passive aggression....and you've caused me to turn rabid from holding it in, holding it down, shutting my mouth.... once the dike breaks... there will never be any apologies.

I am unable to apologize to dead people.

This isn't just a Scorpio trait. I know some Taurus Sun folks that are not going to back down and apologize....I think any fixed birth chart would be like this.

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I love you Scorpios. My favorite sign, I just get you guys and always feel understood and cared for when I'm with my Scorpio friends. It's like you have no patience for BS and I LOVE that. So no apologies! Smile