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Saturn Overlay: How Do You Support Those Close to You?

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Saturn gets a bad rep for being challenging, restrictive and hardened, amongst a list of other negative language. In fact, ancient astrologers called Saturn malefic - an English word that unfortunately conjures an English language definition of causing or capable of causing harm or destruction”. Perhaps it is not far from the astrology meaning of “unfavorable influence”.

As such, the positives of Saturn are often overlooked, overshadowed.

For example, if Saturn in Cancer is in another’s 12th house, then Saturn might emotionally support the house person’s dreams, or ..

If Saturn in Scorpio is in another’s 1st house, then Saturn might support the transformation of the house person’s appearance or outward expression.

So how do you support those close to you?

How might they be supporting you?

What is the Saturn overlay?

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Great topic. I agree that Saturn gets bad press, and its benefits are overlooked.

I think Saturn overlay is a very important indicator of support, especially illuminated by mutual houses where it falls. But, aspects colour this support a lot.

I have my Saturn overlay in Spouse's 9th. I helped them fulfill their wish to live in not one, but TWO particular countries through my employment. Theirs is in my 2nd, and my earned income certainly increased after meeting them. However, we have mutual Saturn-Mercury harsh aspect in synastry, leading to that support being diluted.

In comparison, my Saturn falling in another synastric connection's 2nd house led me to push them to take a jump in their career, but their Saturn in my 8th is marred by a square to my Venus, dissolving its potency somewhat.

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Great perspective. My Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 8th House overlays my son's Venus in his 11th House. In Leo. With your questions in mind, it gives me a way to look at how my deeply felt cultural roots (8th House traditions) were constricted while he was a boy, being raised away from my family of origin. It would be years, a divorce from his father, and my return to my home of origin that stirred his search (Venus) for what he wanted. He is now living where I grew up, and I am living where he grew up.

Saturn is a long-term investment in support and commitment. He is almost 50, I am past 70. He recently fathered his first child. We are considering the possibility of creating a home where I return to my birth place (where he lives with his family now) Your questions and Saturn overlay is provocative grist for my journey. I like it.

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This is simply beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your experience that shows how “Saturn is a long-term investment in committing to support another”..

Sometimes this is very hard, challenging to do especially when emotions (Moon) get in the way.

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One person I have my Saturn in their 11th house (Capricorn). I guess I'm an emotionally supportive friend.

Their Saturn is in my 9th house (Cancer). They've actually helped me with my school work because we met in a college course.

Our Saturns are in opposition of each other, whatver that means.