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Retrogrades in the natal chart

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Hi everyone,

I've read that retrograde planets in the birth chart are supposed to be strongly felt inwardly, but difficult to express outwardly.  Any ideas what that means in real life?  If you have any retrograde planets, are you frustrated by them, kind of like having the planets aspected by Saturn?  Or maybe it's not such a big deal?

I have only Chiron retrograde and I couldn't tell you what it means.  Chiron is hard to get a handle on anyway, I think.

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Liz Greene is the Queen astrologer of my era. She wrote in one of her books, she did not find retrogrades to be significant - if anything the planet stronger because it was slower moving. I took her word on this and have never emphasized them.

I wouldn't say there is no affect. But I don't think it turns a person inside out the way some suggest.

I have retrograde planets in my chart. I don't find them to be hindered.

Just a single opinion. Smile


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My husband has 6(!) Retrograde planets in his chart. I think one or two may not be noticeable, but if your entire persona is filled with them, it makes a person deliberate and thoughtful.

Also, it gives you the power to overcome great adversity by sheer grit and using the highest expression possible of that planet.