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Relationships between adjacent sun signs - Mutable, Mercury, & Venus factors

Sue Ellen
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Long term relationships between adjacent sun signs fascinate me. They shouldn’t be compatible. The modalities are not the same. The elements are not the same, or compatible. 

I’ve noticed a few things. Of all these relationships I know of, one of the people has a mutable sun sign. All of them. 

Mercury and Venus aspects also play into these relationships. These are the only two planets that are closer to the Sun than the Earth astronomically. They are always close to the sun. Mercury is within one sign of the Sun. Venus is within two signs of the sun. 

Some of the couples have aspects between their two Suns. 

I’ll use myself and my husband Big Sadge as an example. My Capricorn Sun is in exact semisextile to his Sagittarius (mutable) Sun. Our Mercury placements are conjunct. We tend to think alike. Our Venus placements are trine in air signs. The Venus placements are semisextile the Mercuries. — I won’t say we’re the perfect couple, but we are comfortable with each other. 

I’m wondering if anyone has seen anything similar among adjacent sun signs 

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Hello Hello  --  Hi Sue-Ellen  --  Over the many years of doing charts, I see this all the time.  The long lasting ones I see are the Scorp / Sadge couples.  The ones I see that cannot seem to go the long haul are the Virgo / Libra couples.  One factor you should also look at, well, really three......the moon, Chiron and the North Node.  And many times you will find a Mars link.  You are right about the "normal" incompatibles of elements.  Then again, there are many long time relationships where the sun signs are not considered to be compatible, just everything else seems to work  (me and my hubs), 

That Mercury link you mentioned between you and your husband, I find that so often peeps forget just how important the Mercury link can be.  Messenger of the gods, the communications Energizer bunny  --  and if you cannot communicate with your partner, wellllllll.........that could be a major problem.  

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never seen scorp/sag couples, except i've seen celebrities, only.  But in real life, i've seen Pisces/ Aquarius often.  For example, my aunt and uncle are Pisces sun Aquarius venus, and he has Aquarius sun Aquarius venus.  The other placements are that she is Aries moon, Scorpio mars, so definitely with that mars she is a go-getter, and he has Capricorn mars sagittarius moon. Perhaps his mutable moon and her aries moon are compatible and their venus are same they get eachother's love nature. They've been together for decades now and they are super successful couple, everyone thinks they are perfect couple and role models for parenting and as a couple and also as success goes. He was an engineer and she was an administrative in the hospital. They're both retired with two homes in the millions. They go out to dancing every week, too. lol they dress to the nines with the 30s look dancing and ball room dancing too.

the mercury link too is important. its such a tiny thing (with mercury planet being so tiny but it is powerful)

As for Virgo/Libra, i noticed that too, even the long time marriage of Virgo and Libra Will Smith and Jade Pinkett is rocky but they still are together, they even said something that bad marriage for life. She does have alot of libra and he does have scorpio moon and virgo mars. And i can tell he loves her too much, more than she does him it seems.

my parents are supposed to be compatible sun signs but they have the worst marriage in history, its not like will smith and jade pinkett. (theirs is actually mellow compared, but i heard they have open marriage.) Anyway, the sun signs are SUPPOSED to be compatible; its actually super toxic and bad. they should have divorced years ago. My father is Aquarius sun, libra moon/scorpio moon, Capricorn mars and my mother is taurus rising, Libra sun, Capricorn moon, Aries mars. They fight almost every week even in their old age. sometimes my mom gets so angry she reaches out to scratch him and he is weak can't walk so he grabs his cane and tries to hit her back to stop her. They are screaming obscenties to each other while doing this. its disgusting. I had many instances where i had to break up the two elderly weak couple. It's as if they are gonna die fighting with toxic badness in them. they know no peace at all. I think my dad is scorpio moon but i dont have his birth time. it could be libra moon but even my sisters say they are the worst marriage couple ever and we believe it is the basis of our bad horrible marriages in the beginning with choosing bad men. And perhaps my own bad habits and trauma from it. its so shameful i didnt even want to talk about it to anyone. its so traumatizing. My sisters have cried openly to stop but they wont. They scream like banshees and the neighbors can hear it. They say you have only your parents as role models and you dont know better. Well even elderly weak couples will fight to the death. shaking and toxicity and screaming. Its awful. Its too traumatic but i'm used to it. (my mother doesn't divorce because of religious reasons, its the same thing as when a gay man is in a religious family and in the closet and wont divorce his wife while he is gay) another reason how religion is not good in this case.

but i do notice my mother needs help. she's never been independent and doesn't like to do things alone. so if its in a toxic relationship she will stay and give excuses for religion. maybe. who knows. in the meantime i will do what i can to make their life comfortable until they pass. they know no other way to live peacefully. and its probably why my sisters dont want to be around, i dont blame them. I can take it even though i can't. someone has to do the dirty work, but dirty work that is obligation as well.

it might be why i have 12th house moon. the darkness and the trauma and it represents your mother, the illness that comes with it. 12th house is all the darkness and gross things going on; astrology is truth about that.

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I’ve noticed the same thing, especially regarding mutables+other. Venus and Mercury aspects also just make sense. The most common long lasting ones I see are Pisces/Aries and Scorpio/Sadge. Interesting to consider the Mars/Jupiter dynamic. Very energetic. 

Gemini with either Taurus or Cancer tend to be the next most common I notice.