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Possible death in solar return chart?

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Hello. I was looking into the solar return of my family member and was quite concerned. However I'm not very knowledgeable in Reading solar return charts. My question is, are there any indications that the native will die during this solar return? He is four years old currently so you can imagine that I am very concerned.  If I can avoid it I will do anything I can to do so. Please any insight or advice if possible 

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I don't think death would show up in a solar return.  The odds of a four-year-old dying are so very, very low.

I hope you can set your fear aside.


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I was taught never to predict death, that charts really never show that.  I had a girlfriend who died very young.  I had her chart with her correct birth time given to me by her mom.  She died when her chart was full of transiting trines and sextiles.  That doesn't seem strange to those of us (including me!) who believes in God/a higher power with life after death. 

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Could you show just the Solar return by itself please?